Who are we?

JP Soundworks is a music & sound development studio for game, animations and comics. JP Soundworks will compose beautiful music exclusively for your games, animations or comics. Our music and sound are designed specifically as your request to bring immersible experience when play games, watch animations or read the comics.

We compose beautiful¬†sound and music specially¬†for games and comic product. It is because we love playing and exploring games, any kind of games and we also like to read comics, of course! We believe that well-composed music can bring out games’ and comic’s full potential emotionally to the players or readers. We also open for live actions, advertisement jingle or movies works.

Beside the musical compositions, we also can design and generate sound effects for games and animations. For the latest improvements, we cooperate with several talented voice actors and song performers. This cooperation is set in order to enhance the power of our composition, also to widen the possibility and capability in handle the voice acting. Those voices will enhance the power of your games, animations and comics.We’ll do our best for your request.

Our Services:

  • >> Music Composition
  • >> Sound Design
  • >> Voice Acting Engineering
  • >> Music and Sound Consulting

To order or request musics and sound effects and talk about pricing and projects, simply contact us here or directly email: jp.soundworks[at]gmail[dot]com

Meet Us:

Jasson Prestiliano
Composer and Sound Designer
Lea Prestiliano
Vocalist and Dubber
Febrian Prayoga
Composer and Sound Designer

Sample of Jasson Prestiliano’s Musics

Sample of Lea Prestiliano’s Voices Bertumbuh di Dalam-Mu

Masa Depan Di Tangan-Mu

Sample of Febrian Prayoga’s Musics