Virgo and the Sparklings

Virgo and the Sparklings is an official Indonesian Line Webtoon. Anissa Nisfihani and Ellie Goh created this comic, based from the original creator of Virgo, Jan Mintaraga. This webtoon is part of Bumilangit Entertainment creations. Jasson Prestiliano (JP Soundworks) made a song titled “Menembus Cakrawala” for the episode 78 season 2 of the webtoon. Fleurishana is the songstress of this song. Let’s support the writer of this comic by reading the comic at Official Line Webtoon.


The Difference of Mixing and Mastering

Hello there, ready to do some discussion? Joana want to invite you to talk about the importance and the difference between mixing and mastering. What it is? And how you should approach it. Mixing and mastering are two of the base components of any music production, so it’s important that you get it right. Since some while ago, Joana thinks that mixing is not really important because composing is everything, but now Joana realized that Joana is wrong. Let’s starting… (more…)

Crowd Control

Crowd Control is a webtoon canvas or webtoon challenge at Indonesian Line Webtoon comic. Mandassetrana and Senki Studio teamed up to create this webtoon. Jasson Prestiliano (JP Soundworks) made a theme song this comic. Let’s support the writer of this comic by reading the comic at Line Webtoon Canvas.


Insurgence – Chains of Renegade

Insurgence – Chains of Renegade is a 2D RPG mixed with Visual Novel elements, featuring the classic front view Turn Based combat with stunning artworks and tuneful sounds. This game is developed by Platonic Game Studio , a remotely members game developer with leader live in Bali, Indonesia and published by Something2. Jasson Prestiliano from JP Soundworks composed most of the musics in this game. You can download and play Insurgence – Chains of Renegade on Steam for US$ 4.99 (special for Indonesian region, you can pay about IDR 49,999).