Thank God! We Win The Gospel Music Composition

Thank God! We win the Gospel Music Composition 2015 that have been held by Gereja Pengharapan Allah Indonesia (Hope of God Indonesia Church) where we got the service every week. The theme of the competition is Progress. We hope that this song can glorify The Lord and touch the heart of they who sing this song.

The song’s title is “Bertumbuh di Dalam-Mu” or in English we can say “Grow in You”. This song’s lyrics is written in Bahasa Indonesia, composed by Jasson Prestiliano and performed by Lea Prestiliano.


Blade Bunny

A comic written by: Drewemos and drawn by: Tyo Kuuma (Erwin Prasetya)

Jasson Prestiliano (JP Soundworks) made some theme songs for comic’s characters and also background music for some important events for this comic.

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JP Soundworks Launched!

Dear all,

JP Soundworks are original game soundtrack composers and also sound designers. We compose background music for RPGs, Action games and many more genres since 2011. We can also compose music for your comic, movie or animation. Now  (more…)