Consilium is a webtoon created by Fruitpunch Studio. This webtoon is written by Dominic Brian and drawn by Oryza Kathleen, you can read this awesome webtoon at Ciayo Comics. Febrian Prayoga and Jasson Prestiliano from JP Soundworks made a fan music for this series. Those songs are titled “Cypher Code” and “Epicentrum”.

The Story of Consilium

Consilium story is about Crevan Dewayne, a police detective. Crevan was killed in an explosion while on duty for overcoming terrorism. Zeolite corp ressurected him as a robot because of his services during his excellent duty to the police and government. While Tyreece Salvadore, Crevan’s brother, depressed because he lost his brother. Tyreece is willing to sacrifice himself to be a robot too. He want to avenge his brother by eradicating terrorism and joining S.C.C.S. Squad. But suddenly there is an unexpected thing. Someone kidnapped Crevan before he is actually reactivated.

Consilium is a webtoon with science-fiction genre. Starting from Webtoon Challenge LINE Webtoon which later won Rising Star in December 2016, now this webtoon has become official in CIAYO Comics since May 2017. Feel and enjoy the fabulous thrills and actions with the stunning graphics in this comic.

We will compose more musics for this webtoon, so keep in touch with us. If you want to know other webtoons that has our musics, you can visit Mantradeva, Deadly Seven Inside Me or Selina Moon Bride. Cheers.

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