Mantradeva is an official Indonesian Line Webtoon comic. Agung Bollo and Gusti Kudit teamed up to create this webtoon. Febrian Prayoga (JP Soundworks) made some theme songs for comic’s characters and also background music for some episodes of the comic. Jasson Prestiliano also made the Fan’s Music to enhance the atmosphere of the comic. Let’s support the writer of this comic by reading the comic at Official Line Webtoon.

Story of Mantradeva

Mantradeva is an epic Line Webtoon Comic that take set in parallel world of Bali, Indonesia. The story begun when the propechy has been violated, the gods again cast its strength to the world in the form of nine inheritances Nawadewata once again. Meet Sona, the chosen one, along with Cupak, Balang and Gerantang as they start a long journey in order to restore Nawadewata once again. Together they will carve a new legend.


Listen to soundtracks of Mantradeva (Febrian Prayoga and Jasson Prestiliano composed them) here:

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