Virgo and the Sparklings is an official Indonesian Line Webtoon. Anissa Nisfihani and Ellie Goh created this comic, based from the original creator of Virgo, Jan Mintaraga. This webtoon is part of Bumilangit Entertainment creations. Jasson Prestiliano (JP Soundworks) made a song titled “Menembus Cakrawala” for the episode 78 season 2 of the webtoon. Fleurishana is the songstress of this song. Let’s support the writer of this comic by reading the comic at Official Line Webtoon.

Story of Virgo and the Sparklings

Riani who is sensitive to sounds or voice and has mysterious power is invited by Monica and Ussy to form a band. However, the obstacles before them are not that easy to pass…

Riani has the power to see sound waves produced from any sound source. She can even see the colors of the voices of others, each of which represents the emotion produced. So, she knows whether the words someone said are sincere, lying, angry, or full of love.

Over time with Monica and Ussy as her band member, Riani met with Carmine, who could control the sound waves to attack and manipulate someone’s mind. She also met with Ganendra, a judge from a talent show that turned out to have telepathic abilities. Later, he teaches Riani to be able to control the power of her fire.

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