Amame Quiz

Amame Quiz is a collaboration puzzle game developed by Enthrean Guardian and Raxeon. Jasson Prestiliano (JP Soundworks) composed the music and designed all of the sound effect in this game. Dowload and play the game for free at Google Play.

Amame Quiz Game Features

Amame Quiz is a trivia game that contains Anime, Manga and some Indonesian Mobile games character to be guessed. This game will provide you a set of character’s silhouette and set of answers that you pick the right one in a limited time.



* Play endless game and proof how good you in Anime, Manga and Game.
* Be the best and write your name in the leader board.
* Submit your own question. We will check, approve and include it in the next update.
* If your answer is wrong, we provide a hint link to be your clue if this question appeared again,

Proof that you are the best in Anime, Manga and Game. Amame is rooting for you!

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