Aurel Banquet is 2D RPG with Visual Novel Elements about Aurelia Levantine and her Sister Kirchis Levantine who want to save their restaurant. This game is developed by Platonic Game Studio and Jasson Prestiliano from JP Soundworks works as composer for the soundtracks in this game. This game can be downloaded for free from

Here’s the opening soundtrack of the game:

Aurel’s Banquet is featuring Original Soundtrack, Original Character Artwork and  Background. This game is also participating in Indie Game Making Contest (IGMC) 2018. As the result, this game is end up ranked as 44th place from about372 participants. Thank you very much for all of your supports toward this game.

Beside this game, you can also enjoy Insurgence: Chains of Renegade, an awesome RPG developed by Platonic Game Studio.

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