Bakso Horror: Cooking Adventure is a casual game about meatball cooking with the cute and funny horror characters. This game is developed by GinTerractive and published by Megaxus. Jasson Prestiliano from JP Soundworks composed the music and designed the sound effects, while Lea Prestiliano acted as voice actress. Bakso Horror is free to play with some in application purchase, you can download it for free from Google Playstore.

In “Bakso Horror: Cooking Adventure” you will play as a Meatball Chef that have to serve food for the Ghosts in the middle of the night. Combine and mix ingredients to create a meatball dish for Drakuli, Frank, Mumi, Cadako, and much more creatures.

Game Features

  • – Download and play “Bakso Horror: Cooking Adventure” for free! Free to Play and in-app purchase is totally optional.
  • – Combine all available ingredients to make various meatball dish combinations and serve it to the ghosts.
  • – Play and complete the current 60 levels with much more levels coming soon.
  • – Meet our diverse cast of spooky ghosts that come from all around the world.
  • – Use different power-up items to help you in cooking like Boosters, Kitchen Developments, and Skills.
  • – Become the number 1 rank in Arena. Challenge other player scores and snatch their rank to claim amazing rewards!
  • – Play “Bakso Horror” every day and get daily rewards for every day you enter the game.
  • – Increase you VIP rank to get awesome advantages in cooking the dish and serving your customers.
  • – Open treasure chests and get awesome loot inside it. Keep playing the game to unlock more treasure chests!
  • – Login with your Facebook account and play “Bakso Horror” with your friends.

Some Links About Bakso Horror: Cooking Adventure

Some links that discuss about the game are (all links are in Bahasa Indonesia):

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Here’s a game play video from one of the players:

Dare to cook meatballs for these customers that come from the other world? Let’s try this game.

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