Castee adds a twist to the regular baseball batting casual game or baseball batting center. The player moves left and right and tries not to let any ball pass. This game is developed by Star Seeker GamesIn this game, Jasson Prestiliano (JP Soundworks) composed all of the musics of this game and also generated the Sound Effects of this game. This game is available on Google playstore and also on Apple apps store. Of course you can download and play it for free.

Game Features of Castee

To play this game is simply hit all the balls by moving the player towards them and score as many points as you can! See if you can collect all the characters!

– Castee’s two tap gameplay is very easy to learn!
– Play locally with your friend in an ice hockey table type multiplayer!
– Up to 11 different types of ball pitches (Changeup, Fastball, Sinker, Cutter, Forkball, Splitter, Slider, Curveball, Slurve ball, Screw ball, and Circle Changeup)!
– Custom characters with different tools they use as their bat!
– Practice your reflexes as the pace gets faster the more you score!
– Achievement system to track your progress throughout the game!
– Daily mode to earn castle worth of bells and collect all the characters!
– The cute characters and light mood is fit for everyone in all ages and genders!

If you have played Castee and have some fun, don’t forget to check out another wonderful game from Star Seeker Games, Mighty Torch.

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