Cuma Ceban

Cuma Ceban is a Game by Flux Design StudioJasson Prestiliano (JP Soundworks) composed all of the music in this game and most of the sound effects. You can play and get your prize by downloading the game for free at Google Playstore.

This is a game play video from Kevin Anggara:

Games is a game made by Mr.Ceban a.k.a. mr tajir banjir. This game take the concept of “TIMEZONE”, but in digital version. You can play the game, get the ticket and exchange the ticket with the prize that is provided by Mr. Ceban for free. Play and get the prize.


Cuma Ceban Game Features

Cuma Ceban is a game Game created by Mr.Ceban a.k.a. Mr Tajir Banjir originally come from Jakarta, Indonesia! In this game, you will play as Mr.Ceban with many Indonesian themed games, because Mr.Ceban love Indonesia very much. So, if you think you love Indonesia, you should play this game.

You can play these games on Cuma Ceban:

– Om Telolet Om
– Pasukan Trax
– Sunset Trip Bandung
– Naik Vespa di Monas, Jakarta City
– Candi Borobudur
– Gatot Kaca
– Nasi Tumpeng
– Laut Bunaken
– Enggrang

This Game has a “TIMEZONE” concept in Smartphone version. Mr. Ceban is ready to give you many prize for all of you. Play it and get the prize.

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