Fortune Cookies: Word Game is a casual and fun word game developed by Miracle Gates Entertainment, Bali, Indonesia. Jasson Prestiliano from JP Soundworks composed the music for this game. You can download and play this game for free from Playstore.

Features of Fortune Cookies: Word Game

Fortune Cookies is very fun and exciting word puzzle game, free to play. The objective of the game is to find all hidden words, and get your Fortune Words today at every level you solved. With this Fortune Cookies actually you can improve your vocabulary, spelling skills and concentration. Are you ready to solved the hidden words and improve your vocabulary skill?

• Words can be solved after you matching the word by select the right order words.
• Just type the word off the plate

✔Up to 95 challenging levels
✔ Free Coin
✔ Fortune Wheel to get Free Coin every day
✔ Use hint to solved the hard hidden word

Fortune Cookies: Word Game


Enjoy this game and please drop us your feedback. We hope you enjoy this game. Another game of this developer that has our music is Happy Cooking Games for Kids. Don’t forget that games can surprisingly have benefit for your healthy. Keep in touch with us, more to come from Miracle Gates Entertainment in the future.

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