Juragan Nasi Padang is a casual management game developed by Arcades Indo Games. Jasson Prestiliano (JP Soundworks) composed all of the musics in this game. You can download and play this game for free at Google Playstore.

Do you still remember with the singer  of “Nasi Padang” song who come from Norway it? Yes! He is Kvitland aka Audun! Now you can feel the sensation of selling those Nasi Padang in the game Juragan Nasi Padang through your android smartphone! Here’s the video of Nasi Padang song from Kvitland.

Juragan Nasi Padang Game Features

Audun Kvitland will teach you as mentor in the game Juragan Nasi Padang. You will be a Nasi Padang seller, and he  will teach you to sell this kind of food to every customer. Serve every customer who comes in as they order and collect as much money as possible! Watch out! Remember, your customer can be upset. It is because you’re too late to serve them their order!


Upgrade each of your meals to increase your income! Get all the Achievements available and Make sure your name is on the Rank Board as the Richest Juragan!

Have fun and wait for the updates. Keep in touch with us!


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