Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender is a collaboration game between Hinocyber Games and Enthrean Guardian. Jasson Prestiliano (JP Soundworks) composed all of the music in this game. Yogie Aditya from Hinocyber provide all of the sound effects and voice acting for it. If you have Blackberry 10 device, download and play it for free at Blackberry 10 Version. If you have iOS device, you can buy and download the game at Apps Store (for now it’s only available for American region). If you have Android device, you can download and play it for free Google Playstore.

You can watch the trailer video of Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender here:

Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender is the adventure of Elena Minwell, a young sword magician who lost her family because evil act of a mysterious Dark Magician. The Dark Magician took the life of Elena’s family. This same evil person is also spread chaos and nightmare to her homeland of Alnaschar. In order to avenge the death of her family and bring peace back to Alnaschar, Elena must train her powers as a sword magician and fight her way to defeat the evil Dark Magician.

Experience a fast-paced action RPG as you wipe out monsters in your journey! Feel the unique action as you play as Elena with her variety of magics and sword techniques. Learn new skills, upgrade your equipments, and help Elena defeat the Dark Magician!


Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender Features

  • Play as cute and adorable Sword Mage
  • Adrenalin pumping hack and slash
  • Unleash endless combo attacks
  • Learn various Sword Mage skills
  • Eight in Game Shortcut with revolver system to be filled with items and skills
  • Unlock numerous of achievements
  • Explore various places
  • Alter sword visual on upgrades
  • Listen to the magnificent musics and fabulous sound effects right on your mobile device

Soundtrack sample of Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender (composed by Jasson Prestiliano):


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