Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender


A collaboration game between Hinocyber Games and Enthrean Guardian.

Jasson Prestiliano (JP Soundworks) composed all of the music here, while Hinocyber provide all of the sound effects and voice acting.

If you have Blackberry 10 device, download and play it for free here. If you have iOS device, you can buy and download the game here. If you have Android device, you can download and play it for free here.

Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender tells a story of the adventure of a sword magician named elena. she lost her family because of a mysterious dark magician’s deeds. The dark magician also spreads chaos and nightmare to the land. Elena trained hard in order to take revenge and bring back peace to the land. Taste the full action RPG (Role Playing Game) as you wipe out monsters in your journey! Feels the unique action as you play as Elena with her variety of magics and sword techniques! Help Elena defeat the dark magician!


Soundtrack sample of Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender (composed by Jasson Prestiliano):

Trailer video of Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender:

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