Mighty Torch is a game developed by Star Seeker Games. This game is a mobile arcade game that pushes your reflexes and concentration to the limits. Jasson Prestiliano (JP Soundworks) composed all of the musics and also created the sound effects. This game is available for free on iOS at Apps Store and also on Android Google Playstore.

Meet Tyna!
She is a mechanic that is going to need your help with the components she needs.

mighty torch

Help Tyna finish her job at a fast pace and unlock her true potential by getting max level for all her torches!

Mighty Torch Game Features

– Fast-paced reaction based gameplay!
– Train your hand-eye coordination!
– 4 unique game changing torches!
– 5 skills to mix and match and suit to your playstyle
– Mods that help you and Tyna get maximum scores!
– Collect points to unlock and upgrade skills!
– Play in 3 different game modes that challenges you even further!

Keep in touch with us because more to come from Star Seeker Games in the future.

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