Rimid is an action PC game developed by Enthrean Guardian and Miracle Shine Project. Febrian Prayoga (JP Soundworks) composed the music in this game. You can buy  this game with a very low price at Itch.io or at Enthrean Guardian official website. The price is only USD 1.49  or IDR 15.000.

Rimid is cute girl with Frog costume who live in bugs world. A frog who live a peaceful life with bugs is rare isn’t it? But, everything changed when a bug start to play prank and disturb her. All of these happen because of a little misunderstanding which make Rimid and her bugs friend had a fight. So in order to fix anything, you should help Rimid to punish those bad bugs with her bubble attack.


Rimid Game Features and Controls


  • Cute main character and bosses in a simple and fun storyline
  • Many types of Bubble weapon and it will be unlocked more each level
  • Unlocks Many Achievements
  • Challenging Mission let you think before act
  • Meet many Bugs with their uniqueness


  • The mouse cursor to move and target the bugs
  • The left mouse click to shoot
  • The right mouse click to use bomb
  • The scroll button on mouse to change the weapon

Keep in touch with us, because there will be many things that come from Rimid.

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