Treasure Hunter E-Dinar

Treasure Hunter E-Dinar is a game developed by Maen Studio and published by Thor EntertainmentJasson Prestiliano (JP Soundworks) composed all of the musics of this game. This game is available on Google Playstore.

Game Features

The Treasure Hunter E-Dinar game is designed so that the process of extracting coins becomes easier, more fun and faster. This rather interesting way of extracting E-Dinar Coin. The newcomers who are just learning and getting acquainted with the cryptocurrency will like it.

This game is designed in the genre of well-known “Mario Bros”-like game. However, the main character of the game is a tiger who, like Mario, will beat the chests, thereby mining E-Dinar Coin. Don’t forget to login into the web, so you can keep your account in E-Dinar mining.

This game is a new platform to mine your e-dinar crypto currency by playing our game. This game offer many adventure to collect coins that can withdraw into your e-dinar wallet. This is a must try game for e-dinar user, easy to play, and easy to get your coin.


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What is E-Dinar?

E-Dinar is a crypto made currency standards, transactions made with the E-DINAR are anonymous and inviolable and does not require approval of any control or oversight authority. So these transactions are outside the banking world.

E-Dinar use proof of participation (PoS) which is a method of protection of crypto-currency based on the need to keep a certain amount of funds in the account. When you use this method, the algorithm of crypto-currency is more likely to choose an account with a larger amount of funds for the confirmation of another block of the chain (source).


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