White Wings is a visual novel game developed by Zenohana World, a game developer from Indonesia that has remote members from Balikpapan, Jakarta and Salatiga. Jasson Prestiliano (JP Soundworks) composed all of the musics for this game and also generated the sound effects. You can download this game from the Playstore, Demo Version is for free, and Full Version is for only ten thousand Rupiahs. This game has dual languages, English and Bahasa Indonesia.

The Story of White Wings

Rohmi and Linda has decided to turn their house into a dormitory called White Wings.
Now, they are visited by Wingless Angels.

Several angels has started to stay in White Wings.
They seem to be perfectly fine.
However, Rohmi slowly realized…
That the new residents has lost their wings.

He sees their feathers fall, stained in blood.
But alas, he is certain… that their wings can be reborn anew.
White Wings that will shine their grace whole.

The girls, and their ever-present, growing shadows… will they find their light?

White Wings, a disproportionate, gaudy boarding house in the most unsuspecting neighborhood in the area. Rohmi, a young game developer, inherited the house from his parents and rented the many vacant rooms to cover their living expenses, with the help with his sister Linda.

Ririn was the very first tenant of the newly appointed boarding house. The day she came unannounced to rent a room, it was apparent that she was trying to bury something in her heart… and whatever she’s trying to hide is consuming her, little by little.

In this first part of the story, Rohmi tries to help Ririn to be able to forgive, and look forward once more.

White Wings Features

White Wings is a visual novel which tells the story of several young women with diverse backgrounds and character in their daily life and, ultimately, facing the darkest aspect of themselves.

This version of the game is just a Part of full white wings stories, that featuring Ririn’s route only. Don’t worry though, you can play it until the end of the route, free of charge!

The full game will feature five routes, so stay tuned!

Enjoy this emotionally gripping Visual Novel of the Wingless Angels.

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