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Epic RPG Music Pack Vol. 1  (USD 10)


  1. Battle – Deadly Enemy Approaches
  2. Battle – Time Goes On
  3. Battle – Why She Has To Be You
  4. Dungeon – Circle of Light
  5. Dungeon – Shrine in A Volcano
  6. Event – Farewell My Little Angel
  7. Event – Melody of Memories
  8. Event – The Legend Returns
  9. Town – Joyful Ocean
  10. Town – Spring of Revival
  11. Town – Town Of Wishes
  12. Vehicle – New World Voyage

Pond 5

Pond 5 Decides USD 20 for each items

New World Voyage
This track is suitable for accompany a journey, vehicle background music, or some event that related to journey or voyage.
Deadly Enemy Approaches
This track is used for battle versus boss, battle versus big enemy or some suspense event.
Spring of Revival
This track is suitable for calm event, calm town or to accompany a journey.

Game Dev Market

Only USD 5 for Commercial Use

Town of Wishes*
This song can be used to be town BGM, a peaceful one. It can be used in RPG, Adventure or any town music.
Joyful Ocean
This is a background music for cheerful, joyful and full of happiness holiday around of ocean. You can use it for a coast or island theme, or near ocean town. It can also become a theme of an energetic character.
Circle of Light
This music is suits for a town, event or some mystical place of RPG, Adventure game or any story based game. The ambiance and the ethnic sound scape will give you both soothing and impression of mystery at once.
All About You
A song that can be used in any event, theme song of a character, or a romantic scene of any game such as RPG, Adventure or any story based game. This melodic song is begin with the acoustic guitar, continued by flute, and then the rock guitar for the last part.

*) The most downloaded

Only USD 10 for Commercial Use

New World Voyage*
This song can be used to be world or journey BGM, a peaceful one. You’ll feel the atmosphere of voyage here. It can be used in RPG, Adventure or any game that need exploring music.
Deadly Enemy Approaches
This song is a background music that can be used in epic boss battle song of an RPG, Action game, adventure or another storyline based game which take the setting on middle age or fantasy world.
The Legend Returns
An epic and cinematic opening song for classical RPG or adventure game. It’s separated into three parts, the peaceful part in the beginning, the approach of danger in the middle, and the heroic melody in the end.
Spring of Revival
This song can be used to be town BGM, or fit for sorrowful event. It can be used in RPG, Adventure or any town music. It also can be used in many kinds of epic or sad event in your FMV, cute scene or in game.
Melody of Memories
This song is a BGM for accompany some event that related to past, memories, sorrowful things or hopeful things. Can be used in RPG, Action game, Adventure or any storyline based game.
Dance Below The Moonlight
This music can be used as dance event accompany, or another event related to moonlight. It can also become the background music for a character or a place such as castle or plains. It’s sound like Tango dance music.
Farewell My Little Angel
This song is made for sad event, farewell event, or epic story that lost someone important. It can accompany a tearful scene very well.

*) The most downloaded