A Symphony to Remember is an Original Sound Track album from a game called “Renegade Death”. While the game is postponed for now, but the tracks can be enjoyed to immerse you about the world of the game. If there is any chance to continue or revamp the game, the song will be revamped too.¬†Jasson Prestiliano composed all of the musics in this album. You can download all of the tracks or each single track for free via Bandcamp.

You can hear some of the musics in this video:

A Symphony to Remember Track List

This album consist of fifteen tracks, if you want to get the MP3 version of the musics, you can download them by click each of the title, they are:

  1. Price of A Single Life
  2. Smile of A Teary Angel
  3. Forest of Curiosity
  4. Icy Insanity
  5. Garden of Misery
  6. Outlander Village
  7. Shadow Cemetery
  8. Oblivion Castle
  9. Fate of the Angels
  10. The Ancestor
  11. Unexpected Paradise
  12. The Endless Journey
  13. The Mourning Death Angel
  14. Price of A Single Life (Extended)
  15. Price of A Single Life feat. Efrini Bridge

Each track’s description has a part of the game’s story. If you arranged all of the description, you can get the point of the game’s story. This page will also be available on the Albums Page of this website.

We hope you can enjoy the tracks and we will appreciate all of your feedback about this album.

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