Eternal Grace Original Sound Track 1 is an Original Sound Track album from a JRPG called “Eternal Grace”. The game itself is released on 2011 for PC platform. You can enjoy some in game and also bonus tracks that should be assigned in postponed Episode 2. If there is any chance to continue or revamp the game, the song will be revamped too. Clea Leshlick and Jasson Prestiliano composed most of the musics in this album. Lazcht composed some others. You can download all of the tracks or each single track for free via Bandcamp.

You can hear some of the musics in this video:

Eternal Grace OST 1 Track List

This album consist of twenty tracks, if you want to get the MP3 version of the musics, you can download them by click each of the title, they are:

  1. Eternal Grace
  2. Distant Soul
  3. Theme of Razh
  4. Offeldive Village
  5. Hexabattle
  6. Theme of Millia
  7. Will to Struggle (Battle Theme)
  8. Wishes in The Dark
  9. Crysis
  10. No Need To Rush (Boss Battle Theme)
  11. Offelia Town 
  12. Theme of Selene and Selina
  13. Hollow Cave
  14. Who Am I
  15. Theme of Renavia
  16. Amarthia City
  17. Amarthian Catacomb
  18. Abandoned Building
  19. EINS
  20. SOFRA Idol Song

Each track’s description is pointing where this track is used in the game. This page will also be available on the Albums Page of this website. You can also check about the game at the post about Eternal Grace Episode 1.

We hope you can enjoy the tracks and we will appreciate all of your feedback about this album.


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