Hello all, Joana wanna report something today. After we are composing for some times, some weeks ago we available to get some new gears for home recording in order to equip our JP Soundworks studio. We are happy to get our first gear for home recording. Wanna know why we choose them? Let’s follow this article.

First, let Joana thanks our friends from Zeal Musik and Waiwai Studio Yogyakarta to give us many advices and discussion before we decide to take those gears. We hope this new gears can improve our sound works quality and also can create widen opportunity to collaborate and cooperate with all JP Soundworks fans.

JP Soundworks First Home Recording Gears

Alctron MC001

Joana divides our home recording set in two kinds, they are the condenser microphone set and the audio interface.

For the condenser microphone, with our limited budget, Joana choose Alctron MC001. This condenser microphone is a professional wide-diaphragm microphone with an internal 6dB 100Hz low frequency roll-off switch. This microphone is also has a very cute shape. It characters with high sensitivity, low noise, wide frequency response and high SPL handling as well, thus make it ideal for on-stage performance, instrument, and vocal recording . This gear is also perfect for broadcasting and sound reinforcement.

In personal opinion, Joana like this microphone beside its specification is  because it has Leather Bag, Windscreen, Shock Mount, 3 meter Original Alctron XLR Cable for free. Later, Joana add the extra Pop filter and on table microphone stander to complete the set.

While for the Audio interface, we choose Focusrite Scarlett Solo. Beside the price is affordable for us, it’s ideal for singer-songwriters and guitar players looking for the easiest way to record studio-quality music onto Mac® or PC.  It’s so compact, so we can take it anywhere, connect and power by USB, plug a mic and guitar straight in, and immediately start recording with the same sound quality as the rest of the Scarlett range. It’s equipped by the 48 V Phantom Power so it suit by any condenser microphone. Joana really like the bright red and the cute shape of this interface.

Focusrite Scarlett Solo

The Experiment Video

This video is one of our experiments in using the new gears, especially the condenser microphone and the sound interface. A song about going to the beach with some reggae and pop style. Jasson Prestiliano composed this song and his wife, Lea Prestiliano performed this song. Let’s we listen to “Ayo Kita Ke Pantai”.

Joana hopes you can enjoy the song and also enjoy our other creations. We try our best to keep improving and keep let you know what we got so far. Keep in touch with us.

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