CD OST (Original Sound Track) of Mantradeva is now available to be pre-ordered at Mantradeva Official’s Fan’s Page. For the price and how to order, you can check the Official facebook fan’s page of Mantradeva.

Product Details of this CD OST
Album : Mantradeva – Once Upon a Time
Composer : JP Soundworks – Febrian Prayoga and Jasson Prestiliano

Track list :
01. Risedek Dina Anu – Febrian Prayoga
02. Geranting – Jasson Prestiliano
03. Bhatara Kala – Febrian Prayoga
04. Nirtya – Jasson Prestiliano
05. Candrikayudha – Febrian Prayoga
06. Genta Mayapada – Jasson Prestiliano
07. Sandhikala – Jasson Prestiliano
08. Mantradeva – Febrian Prayoga


The CD OST of Mantradeva is one of several merchandises of Mantradeva that will become your collectible items. The other merchandises such as Keychains and T-shirts are also available to be pre-ordered.

mantradeva merchs

Mantradeva is an epic Line Webtoon Comic that take set in parallel world of Bali, Indonesia. When the propechy has been violated, the gods again cast its strength to the world in the form of nine inheritances Nawadewata once again. Now a new legend is being carved. Mantradeva is written by: Agung Bollo and Gusti Kudit. Let’s support the writer by reading  this webtoon at Line Webtoon.


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