Epic RPG Music Pack Vol. 1 now is available at Unity Asset Store. It contains 12 Epic musics that can be background music especially for RPG. However, these musics is also suitable for Adventure, Action Sidescroller or any genre of game. Jasson Prestiliano from JP Soundworks composed all the musics. We can listen to some of the musics by checking this video.

List of Musics in Epic RPG Music Pack Vol. 1

Epic RPG Music Pack Vol.1 is the perfect album if you need some Battles, Dungeons, Events, Towns and Vehicle musics for your RPG. With various of instrumental track that suite certain events or places, we can use this beautiful songs to enhance the immersion of our game! Here are the Contents:

  1. Battle – Deadly Enemy Approaches
  2. Battle – Time Goes On
  3. Battle – Why She Has To Be You
  4. Dungeon – Circle of Light
  5. Dungeon – Shrine in A Volcano
  6. Event – Farewell My Little Angel
  7. Event – Melody of Memories
  8. Event – The Legend Returns
  9. Town – Joyful Ocean
  10. Town – Spring of Revival
  11. Town – Town Of Wishes
  12. Vehicle – New World Voyage


We can also view this music pack in Market Page. Keep in touch with us and keep support us so we can continue the effort in making another epic RPG music pack.

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