JP Soundworks proudly announce an FL Studio Online Class. This class is established as a collaboration with Gamelab.Id. In this class we can study about the basic of composing music with FL Studio. You can check the class titled “Pembuatan Musik Digital Menggunakan FL Studio“.

FL Studio Online Class

In this FL Studio Online Class, you will learn the basics of making digital music using FL Studio. FL Studio is a software that is powerful enough for various music and needs. The class is provided in Bahasa Indonesia.

With only IDR 399.000, you will get many insights and tutorials in order to make simple to complex music with FL Studio step by step. You can also discuss with the author if you meet some difficulties or something that you want to ask. There is a promotion 50% off for a limited time. So, let’s get it now!

The class is written by Jasson Prestiliano from JP Soundworks. We also provide some study about musics, you can check the study in this web such as mixing and mastering in music or how to find the major and minor chord. So with this online class, we hope we can involved more in educating many people in the field of music composition.

What is Game Lab Indonesia?

Game Lab Indonesia is a platform for internships for academic purposes. It’s also a platform for online training in various fields covering technology, startups, business and marketing, industry 4.0, creative industries and education.

Andi Taru and team are the people who established Game Lab Indonesia. Furthermore, Andi Taru is the CEO of Educa Studio, a startup company specializing in software and games. It is located in Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia, same as the location of JP Soundworks. They are committed to developing games that support the education for children’s. Their products are educational games, digital books and digital kid’s songs.

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