On Monday, October 9th 2017 we got a very good news. One of the games that we work on the music, Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender succeeded to get the second place in Samsung Tizen Smartphone Challenge Category at Indonesia Next Application (INA) 4.0.

Yogie Aditya and Yossy Firstia presented Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender, along with Crazy Cargo on the first place and Relaxio on the third one. The competition itself has been starting from July, 25th 2017. Samsung Electronics Indonesia held this competition, in cooperation with BRI (Bank Rakyat Indonesia), Sinarmas Land, Jakarta Smart City and Angkasa Pura II.

INA 4.0 Kitaria

These winners were selected not only able to respond to the challenges of being able to develop applications on 4 different Samsung platforms, but also be able to answer the challenges of developing the required applications in different industries from different partners. These winners also have to be able to provide innovative and creative ideas from local Indonesian developers.

INA 4.0

“INA 4.0, which is Samsung’s 4th event, is a manifestation of our commitment from Samsung to improve the competence of young Indonesians in creating local content or applications that are beneficial to the lives of people and industries in Indonesia. We are grateful to all participants who have participated in INA 4.0, where there are now more than 1,600 developers from all over Indonesia,” said Kang Hyun Lee, Corporate Affairs Vice President of Samsung Electronics Indonesia.

INA 4.0 is presented in 4 categories from Samsung, they are Samsung SDK, Samsung Tizen Wearable Challenge, Samsung Tizen Smartphone Challenge, and Virtual Reality (VR) Gear. There is one additional category of Industrial Challenges supported by 4 major partners Samsung for INA 4.0. It has 4 sub-categories. They are City Planning, Community Services, Property and Banking. From hundreds of participants, they are filtered until there are only 20 finalists. The finalist then have been tested by the jury on this Monday at Hotel Ayana MidPlaza Hotel, Jakarta.

Winner List

indonesia-next-4-juara (1)

1. Samsung SDK Challenge

1st Winner: Mona – Arrival Sentosa from ODT Indonesia, Jakata
2nd Winner: Kato – Sulistyanto, Jakarta
3rd Winner: Athlest – Ian Rahman Dana, Depok

2. Virtual Reality (VR) Gear Challenge

1st Winner: GoSimulator VR – Iki Mazadi from Gerobak Sodor Interactive, Semarang
2nd Winner: Starship Infiltration VR – LAzuardi Ya’qub Affan from Calcatz Studio, Surabaya
3rd Winner: Sky Battle Arena – Widapraponco, Sidoarjo

3. Samsung Tizen Smartphone Challenge

1st Winner: Crazy Cargo – Rudy Sumarso from Wisageni, Yogyakarta
2nd Winner: Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender – Yogie Aditya, Yogyakarta
3rd Winner: Relaxio – Adi Nugroho from Lonely Box, Malang

4. Samsung Tizen Wearable Challenge

1st Winner: Fishing Go – Frida Dwi from Studio Noobzilla, Yogyakarta
2nd Winner: Snipe n Watch – Gathot Fajar from Creacle, Yogyakarta
3rd Winner: Mucha Gun – Rizal Saputra from Noxtage, Yogyakarta

5. Juara Kategori Industry Challenge

Banking Sub-Category Perbankan from BRI: UKM Bersama BRI – Tokyo Studio, Bandung
Community Service Sub-Category from PT Angkasa Pura II: Skypass – Puja Pramudya, Bandung
City Planning Sub-Category from Jakarta Smart City: vMuseum – Davis Ray, Jakarta
Property Sub-Category from PT Sinarmas Land: City Point – Ade Rifaldi, Bandung

Congratulations for all the winners.

INA 4.0 Kitaria 2

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