Kabar gembira untuk kita semua (A good news for all of us). A game that we create the song and the sound effect, Mbaktin win the Early Bird prize of Tizen App Challenge in November, 2016. All of the winners of Tizen App Challenge could be seen at the Unity 3D cooperation with Samsung Tizen site or a Blog site of Samsung Tizen in Bahasa Indonesia.

Beside the Tizen Early Bird, this game also win the 10K Downloads Club Android NDK Challenge at Dicoding.


Mbaktin Ekstrak Kulit Manggis (Mangosteen Skin Extract)

To play this game, we are only required to extract the skin of mangosteen as much as possible. Simply tap the finger on the mangosteen image that appears. But be careful, we can not carelessly knock the mangosteen. The tap must be adjusted to the number that appears with the mangosteen. For example, the mangosteen image that comes with the number 3 should be tapped three times. So does number 2 and 1.

The game ends when the available time has run out. At that time, our score will be visible. There are also some special mangosteen or coin that we can collect for further features in this game. You can share your score via social media such as facebook or twitter.

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Come and play this game, and experience the good news of mangosteen skin.

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