Do you want to know about the Importance of Music in A Game? Last time, we held a talk show about it. Some of Minstrel – Indonesian Video Game Composer members perform at the talk show. We are in action at IN.GAME 2016. Guided by Lintang Enrico from Waiwai Studio.  The speakers are Septian Pamungkas from Monkey Melody, Masdito Bachtiar or Ittou Yamigetsu from Ittou Soundworks, Jasson Prestiliano and Febrian Prayoga, both are young and talented game music composers from JP Soundworks.

For us composers, game is affect much in our life. There are also many surprisingly health benefits in playing video games. In those game there’s also a vital part that can’t be separated, that is the music of the game. That’s what we create to let the game much better.


What We Discuss

We discuss about the importance of music in a game. Game music can be the game’s mechanic itself, or become the identity of the game. Also, game music can be the emotion bringer for the gamer, the suitable music with the event or the character can improve the immersion of gamer when they are playing the game. Don’t forget, a good game music should be researched and discussed well before it is started to be written.

To reply the question about where to start when compose a music for a game. Some of the composers starts the music from the melody, but some others starts from the beat. However, all of the composers need a clear brief or if exist the game video, so the music could suit better with the game.

We hope that this talk show can bring knowledge for all of the audience.


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