Mantradeva, as a developing webtoon from Bali, Indonesia, it got many epic Balinese soundtracks from JP Soundworks. After last year, the first Mantradeva Album, Once Upon A Time has been released, now Mantradeva released two more music albums in CD Audio format. Wanara and Simha, new CD Audio from Mantradeva will enrich your days with epic Balinese music composed by Febrian Prayoga and Jasson Prestiliano.

These new CD Audio will be brought to Cosmic Festival at Bali on August 26th 2018. If you want to buy them, the price is IDR 30,000 for each item. So prepare IDR 60,000 to get the complete sensation and experience of epic Balinese Musics of Mantradeva.


Wanara is the album which has many battle and energetic song. It can fill your days with energy and unending power. This album has seven tracks, they are:

  1. Battle under Moonlight
  2. Bhatara Kala
  3. Dance
  4. Monkey Chant
  5. Trick
  6. Life Gamble
  7. Journey



Simha is the album that full of bliss and peaceful song. It can fill your days with relaxation and soothing situation that make your mind clearer. This album also has seven tracks, they are:

  1. Home
  2. My Precious Princess
  3. Nagrawatu
  4. Night without a Moon
  5. Once upon a time
  6. Sagantang
  7. Journey

On each album, you will find Journey, the song that will summarize the journey of Mantradeva. Jasson Prestiliano composed this song and a talented songstress, Princess Gitta performed for this song. The song is sung in Bahasa Indonesia. You can listen to some demo roll of the song of Journey here. Keep in touch with us, we will inform you more about Mantradeva.

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