Some Secrets to Compose A Loop-able Game Music

What is Loop-able Game Music?

Do you want to know some secrets to compose a loop-able game music? First let we know what is a loop-able music. A loop-able music can’t be separated from a game. A game designer can’t really predict how long a gamer will stay in a stage or an interactive event. The music in this situation should be looped again and again so the gamer will be continuously immersed in the game world, including the music.

To know some secrets to compose a loop-able first we should know what is loop-able music. Loop-able music is a music that when it has reach the end and then be repeated to the start again and again seamlessly. A loop-able music is succeed when the listener almost didn’t know that the music has looped.

Trivia: Could you mention in what seconds actually the music is looping? 

(Will To Struggle – Eternal Grace Episode 1 – Composed by Clea Leshlick and Jasson Prestiliano)

žWhy game music composers prefer to make a loop-able music? Because a loop-able music can be used for something that can’t be determined exactly for the timing or action like game stage, game menu, and so on. Interactive Media BGM, tutorial video, or some website BGM can also use loop-able musics.

(A Dirakit Tutorial that use the music loops arranged by JP Soundworks)

Another reason a composer uses a loop-able music is the composer can compose a short music, but it can feel soooo… long, also the size is rather smaller than make a two rounds full music.

Some Secrets to Compose A Loop-able Game Music

>>> žMake the chord progression of intro and coda is similar

>>> Don’t end the music with first note chord, but we can use fifth note chord instead. For Minor Key Music, we can use third Major note chord


>>> žPlease don’t put the music’s climax in the end of the music, but give some space to let the music calm down if the intro is calm. So, it can come back to the sense like the intro. Check out this song, this song has the climax at 1.34 until 1.54, and starts to calm down from 1.55 to 2.33 and seamlessly looped to the intro at 2.34.

(Town of Wishes, RMN Music Pack, composed by Jasson Prestiliano, download it for free at JP Soundworks Freebies Page or you can see and hear it at Youtube)

>>> žIf you want to let other hear it in a network, or social media like Soundcloud, Youtube, Bandcamp or even iTunes or Spotify, repeat it twice, and at the last part fade it out, so the listener can know that the music is looped. Don’t let the music stop at the loop, because the music will feel incomplete.

(Warmth Below Ice – Labyronia Elements – composed by Jasson Prestilian0)

>>> If the music is a long one then it can have a bridge. žCompose more than two parts of patterns and you can insert the bridge between that parts. If the music is short, just use one or two loop-able parts.

That’s some of our knowledge sharing about tips to make a loop-able game music. We hope what we share can be useful for all of you. Wait for our next knowledge sharing still in JP Soundworks. Happy composing.

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