Some Secrets to Compose A Loop-able Game Music

What is Loop-able Game Music?

Do you want to know some secrets to compose a loop-able game music? First let we know what is a loop-able music. A loop-able music can't be separated from a game. A game designer can't really predict how long a gamer will stay in a stage or an interactive event. The music in this situation should be looped again and again so the gamer will be continuously immersed in the game world, including the music. To know some secrets to compose a loop-able first we should know what is loop-able music. Loop-able music is a music that when it has reach the end and then be repeated to the start again and again seamlessly. A loop-able music is succeed when the listener almost didn't know that the music has looped. Trivia: Could you mention in what seconds actually the music is looping?  (more…)

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